Enjoyable and Genuine | Professional Headshot Photographer for Massage Therapists | Walnut Creek

“I was lucky enough to have our photos taken by the incredible Angie Capri and I could not have been more thrilled with the experience and results. I own a spa and wellness center that recently moved to Pleasant Hill and I have a total of 10 therapists who I like to promote via emails and on our website, usually with a brief biography and a photo. It’s safe to say our photos were either horrible, outdated, or missing all together. Hiring Angie to take our photos was one of the greatest decisions that we have ever made.

Angie came to our office which made things a lot easier, especially with all of the people that we needed to have pictures taken of. She came out more than once to be sure to capture photos of everyone. We all hate having our pictures taken but Angie and her bubbly personality made it enjoyable! The smiles in every photo were genuine, she could tell if they were forced, and would immediately make us laugh. She is a perfectionist and would make sure that every strand of hair was in place while ensuring that you were positioned in a very flattering angle while still being yourself.

All of our photos turned out amazing! Now, not only does our website have matching photos of each of our therapists, we had all the photos framed and put on our wall for display. The photos really helped make our website and spa look more professional. I strongly recommend Angie Capri Photography for all of your photography needs.” – Laura