Unique San Francisco Wedding Photographer | Lands End: Intimate Wedding Ceremony | Part 2

Continued from Andrea and Bobby’s first look and journey to the wedding ceremony at Lands End, in part 1.

How did you two meet and when did you know he was the one?

How we met is your basic friends of friends story: my sister/BFF/roommate worked with his friend/roommate. We both knew the other existed, crossed paths several times, and had zero interest in each other for the first year or so.

Then, one fateful St. Patty’s day night, we both hitched a ride home from separate parties in the back of my sister’s car, I had a few drinks in me and forced him to hold my hand, being the good sport that he is, he obliged.

A few weeks later we ­­crossed paths again and he used our last encounter to make good spirited jokes at my expense. But we soon realized what we’d been missing. We’ve been lacing fingers ever since.

Tell us how and why your wedding was different, unique and meaningful:

I loved that our wedding was different in most ways: Friday morning, outdoor-standing ceremony at Lands End; canned sparkling wine toast; almost a mile-long march to the cafe reception spot, with a photo-op stop at a random, gorgeous staircase along the way; mimosas and fried chicken (we’re booth vegetarians, but guests raved about these); quick toasts; out by 3 p.m. 

We were really minimal with decor since we had an amazing backdrop, but I knew from the outset that I wanted my hubby to be in a bold colored suit.

In the early phases of planning, I felt worried about what planning a budget wedding would mean for guests’ experiences and their take-aways; there were things that weren’t important enough to us to want to increase our budget, but I was still self-conscious one guest or another would be annoyed by, but we still didn’t want to prioritize over other.

The wedding we ended up with was different enough from any other, that I didn’t feel like people had expectations of any one thing and everyone seemed up for the ride, however it came.

When my dad passed away suddenly, less than two months before the ceremony, I knew that the best way to honor him would be to have a wedding, but that I couldn’t go through with the one we had planned. We changed up our plans a month out and cut the guest list in half. The wedding we ended up with was based almost entirely on our priorities, what felt right to us, and not on any sense of obligation to anyone else. 

Tell us more about the traditions you kept, ditched, or made your own:

We did: follow the old-new-borrowed-blue-six pence for your shoe tradition, along with a cake cutting.

We didn’t do: a bouquet toss, or first dance (there was no dancing), and we saw each other before the ceremony.

The reason we followed the “old-new-borrowed” tradition is because friends and loved ones volunteered the requisite trinkets, my sister had gotten the six pence from our dad for her wedding after he told her about that oft forgotten line of the rhyme– these things made the tradition special to me, but otherwise I don’t feel like I’m very tradition oriented.

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The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Flowers: Assembled by Bride’s MOH/sister, sourced from, of all places, Costco // Bride’s Ring: Family heirloom from groom’s grandmother // Cake and Desserts: Made by Bride’s cousin // Bride’s Shoes: Vera Wang // Wedding dress: Nicole Miller // Ceremony: Eagles Point at Lands End, San Francisco // Mural Stairway: Lincoln Park Steps, San Francisco // Reception: Cassava, San Francisco