Free-Spirited Senior Portrait Photographer | Natural, Urban and Original | San Francisco, Sutro Baths

During our initial consult, mom explained Kelsey had specifically selected and chosen to work with us because of her interest in our portrait style. She was enrolled in an Arts Academy with a focus on photography at the time and also an avid runner. She was especially drawn to our clean lines, symmetry, original and creative shots as well as our light, composition and style – we were excited to find out more and knew we were off to a great start!

During our consult with Kelsey, she told us she had seen too many seniors take their photos in tall golden grasses wearing white dresses and was certain she wanted something completely different. In nature but with an urban feel and with elements of water. The Sutro Baths long the San Francisco coast quickly came to mind, and as suspected, they were the ideal location for her session and also for an accurate expression of her free-spirit.