San Francisco Engagement Photography in Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Although spring is in full swing here in California, I’m excited to show off these adorable ugly Christmas sweaters (and for good reason, wait for it….)… These two lovebirds have the most awesome love story and I’ve been honored to be there every step of the way to share it with them and document everything!! I first met Apple when she reached out to me to create feminine, authentic and unique professional lifestyle business photos, back in August. When she arrived for her session she swooned and plopped down on a chair and after lots of questions I soon discovered, she met the man of her dreams! (Story continues below… gotta appreciate the added suspense. You’re welcome!)

Two months later (October) she called me to take holiday photos with her honey bunch and I got to meet this awesome dude named Spencer! The two of them were absolutely adorable and hilarious together, I could see the obvious connection…

Just when we began and as I was adjusting the bottom of her sweater, Apple asked, “do you know what’s inside of my tummy?” I responded with, “A ginger bread cookie?” (… which seemed only natural given their fabulous sweaters! But obvi, I was wrong…) Apple responded, “No, there’s a baby inside there…” I could barely contain myself with so many questions but no time since it was just about to get dark… Once we got back to the studio I inquired thoroughly, this was an incredible moment! These photos would not only serve as their holiday cards, they’d also serve as their baby announcements!!

Next, they visited Paris on New Years (January) where Spencer proposed, they got engaged and shortly after I received an invitation to their baby shower/going away party (January). Spencer is from Colorado so they decided to move to Colorado to start their family which would occur about 2 weeks later (February).

Which brings me to the exciting adventure that’s next on my agenda – photographing their intimate wedding this weekend in Colorado (April) when Apple is just about 8 months pregnant! Can you believe this girl has basically planned her entire wedding in just a few short months and let me tell you, I’m impressed already cause this girl is or-gan-ized (and a badass, duh!) The schedule is also packed with lots of interactive games so their families can really get to know one another, not to mention so much meaning packed into every last detail.

I can’t wait to share, stay tuned as their story continues to unfold (and please send the girl some love and energy for her amazing day!)


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