San Francisco Bay Area Radiant Real Estate Business Professional Headshot Photographer + 7 Wardrobe Tips

Here are 7 of our favorite wardrobe tips for radiant and authentic business professional headshots and personal branding photos – especially if you are a real estate agent, such as our recent client Raquel, who is totally acing them all!

  1. Solid colors are typically more flattering than patterns
  2. Long sleeves are typically more flattering than tank tops, t-shirts, or short sleeves
  3. V-neck shirts are typically more flattering than round-neck shirts and turtlenecks
  4. Choose colors that are most flattering for your skin tone: typically earthy tones and fall colors like dark greens, browns, emerald blues
  5. Colors (such as those above) are typically more flattering than solid black or solid white, and also photograph much better!
  6. Make sure you will love your clothing choices when you look back at your images in 10 years!
  7. These are only suggestions of what typically works the best based on our experience, always feel free to break the rules to express YOU!!

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Dean // Location: Concord, CA