San Francisco Bay Area Classic Boudoir Photographer | Oceano Hotel, Half Moon Bay, CA

“Being a wedding coordinator, I found it really hard to plan my OWN wedding, including hiring our own vendors. First of all, how do we choose? I know so many vendors and styles, how do I pick just one?! We live in California, but we always knew our wedding would take place in Hawaii. As we researched the perfect photographer, we felt like a lot of the photographers located in Hawaii were just ok! And we LOVED Angie’s personality and style so much that we decided it was very WORTH IT for us to fly her out to document our destination wedding!

But before our wedding we also enjoyed an engagement session in Lake Tahoe and I surprised my fiancé with a bridal boudoir photoshoot that we shot in Half Moon Bay, California. You want to capture all the special events surrounding the wedding, the adventure, and telling your complete love story so I highly recommend experiencing both!

We began my bridal boudoir photoshoot at Oceano Hotel & Spa where we captured those very sexy bedroom shots. Then we discovered the most gorgeous beaches with golden red sea cliffs just down the road and shot right as the sun was setting over the horizon!! We couldn’t get enough of the vintage black and white striped shorts that complimented our black and white striped wide brimmed hat! It was absolutely freezing at the beach, but I was able to pull off some seductive expressions over there too (yay!). (continues below gallery…)

The entire bridal boudoir experience is a very personal one AND it is a HUGE confidence booster ladies! I think that it is so special for a husband to have something like this and especially 25 years down the road you can look at it and say OMG….what a hottie!!! Lol Angie is really good at making you feel comfortable, choosing really cool locations, and personalizing all of her boudoir sessions for every woman. I am the worst at surprises and he knew that I was up to something… He was so excited to see the final album that we presented to him the night before the wedding.. he was speechless! … He was shocked!! He is so proud of the book, and to call me his wife. Only thanks to Angie helping me be sexy in my skin!” – Melissa

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The team: Photographer: Angie Capri Photography // Location scouting and wardrobe styling: Angie Capri Photography // Hair & Make Up: The Makeup Movement // Behind the Scenes Video: Different Cloud Imagery // Veil: Kinsley James Bridal Couture // Flowers: Angels Petals // Venue: Oceano Hotel & Spa, Half Moon Bay, CA