Same-Sex Friendly Businesses | Bakery Refuses to Make Anti-Gay Cakes

I am an entrepreneur. I am an artist. I am an activist. When all three aspects of who I am come into alignment, I cannot express how happy and authentic I feel and I am willing to fight for each piece of my puzzle…

I am so proud to work with clients who share some if not all of these characteristics and those who are willing and ready to stand up for what they believe in, for what is fair for all humans and to support other small businesses who are doing the same!

Our Colorado wedding clients’ ordered their very own wedding cake from Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colorado, the bakery who just won the right to refuse to make anti-gay cakes. This news video describing the story showcases their very own wedding cake and we are here and thrilled to support and promote other same-sex friendly businesses!


It is absolutely shocking that in 2015 (and yes, even in the San Francisco Bay Area) there remains numerous business owners who choose to discriminate against same-sex couples, and for no legitimate reason AT ALL. The relentless challenges they face when trying to plan their wedding day that is supposed to be all about celebrating your love for one another can sometimes be heartbreaking instead, but this is avoidable.

We are actively creating a same-sex friendly list of wedding professionals and we are very happy to refer our same-sex couples to those who will make their wedding planning experience easy, enjoyable, authentic and beautiful.

And as if there weren’t enough icing on this cake already, how fitting is it that our clients choose to write “love always wins” on the mailbox of their very personalized (and very awesome) dinosaur cake topper, even before knowing what additional meanings this cake would soon take on all thanks to this awesome story!

Colorado Wedding Cake

More on the news story:

“Colorado’s legal battles between religious freedom and gay rights continue to play out in the not-so-sweet arena of bakery cake requests.

…The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that Denver’s Azucar Bakery did not discriminate against William Jack, a Christian from Castle Rock, by refusing to make two cakes with anti-gay messages and imagery that he requested last year.

The dispute began March 13, 2014 when Jack went to the bakery and requested two cakes shaped like bibles. He asked that one cake have the image of two groomsmen holding hands in front of a cross with a red “X” over them. He asked that the cake be decorated with the biblical verses, “God hates sin. Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin. Leviticus 18:22”, according to the Civil Rights Divisions’ decision.

Marjorie Silva, the owner of the bakery, told Jack that she would make him the bible-shaped cakes, but would not decorate them with the biblical verses and the image of the groomsmen that he requested. Instead, she offered to provide him with icing and a pastry bag so he could write or draw whatever messages he wished on the cakes.

Silva told the civil rights agency that she also told Jack her bakery “does not discriminate” and “accept[s] all humans.”

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