Rustic Elegant Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Edgewood Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, Nevada | Interview + Tips – Part 2

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What were your favorite moments of the day?

Do I have to pick just one LOL?

  • Definitely the first look. The amount of excitement building up for that one moment was incredible! Seeing Dave for the first time in a tux was also a really special treat.
  • The next runner up would be all of the speeches, especially the one given by the best man, when he started talking about Top Gun and had the theme song start to play – it was hilarious! He brought it up because him and Dave always watched the movie and quoted it back and forth. Then I showed up at his Halloween party dressed as Maverick and he knew at that moment, I was a “keeper!”
  • Next it would be Dave’s garter toss…. LOL epic…
  • And then, our first dance!

What were your wedding day song choices?

  • Bridal Party Entrance: “All of Me” by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling on violin
  • Bride Entrance: “Just The Way You Are” acoustic version by Boyce Avenue
  • Bridal Party Exit: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
  • First Dance: “Is This Love?” by Bob Marley

What are your thoughts, suggestions and tips for couples planning their weddings?

  • Choose your venue first, because it will inspire other decisions like color pallets, flowers, and table settings.
  • Include your future husband in decisions and get his opinion!
  • Hire vendors that you are comfortable with personality-wise.
  • If you can, hire a coordinator. Having Melissa took so much stress off the year of planning, and especially off the big day! It allowed us to relax and enjoy all the work we had put into the day, when it finally arrived.
  • Take time to absorb what is going on around you. I woke up at 6am, before I knew it, the day was over. Stop every so often, take in your surroundings and the smiling faces. They are here for you, to celebrate your special day!
  • And most important, hire a GREAT photographer! Even if you have a limited budget, it’s good to spend some extra dough on hiring a photographer, who you are comfortable with, who fits your personalities, and delivers incredible photos that will capture your day and make it last forever! You will be so happy you did.
  • Other advice, don’t stress… you are supposed to be happy and smiling (maybe some happy tears), but don’t let the immensity of the day get to you. Even if little things go wrong, no one but you will notice it, so don’t stress. I knocked over one of the lanterns on the isle when I was walking down, it made a huge noise, and all I could do was laugh, because if that was the worst thing to happen, it was all good. What matters is that you are marrying the love of your life, in front of your friends and family, and as long as that happens, nothing else matters. Plus, the stuff that can and may go wrong, usually end up being great funny stories or makes for some really awesome pictures ;)

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What did you love most about collaborating with Angie Capri as your wedding photographer?

“If I could give Angie more than 5 stars (on Yelp), I would! Not only am I in love with her talent, I am in love her personality even more! We choose Angie to photograph our wedding, and in the time from our initial wedding consultation through today, she has become more than a photographer to us, she has become a dear friend. We originally choose Angie because of her bubbly personality, knowing she would be a great fit for our fun and rambunctious crowd at the wedding!

Although we originally hired Angie to photograph our wedding, I also decided to do a secret boudoir shoot, giving my new husband a sexy and classy boudoir album as his wedding gift the night before our wedding day. What I didn’t realize, is how fun the experience would be for me personally as well! Angie’s level of professionalism and artistic view made it so much fun! We did a vintage 1940’s pin-up theme, and she walked me through each step making me feel more comfortable and beautiful as the day went on! My husband was so surprised and shocked that I did this shoot once it was finally revealed ha!

Then, Angie photographed our engagement session as well, which was in theme with the boudoir shoot, a colorful vintage inspired picnic! It was so hilarious because at this point, my husband only thought that I had met Angie at our original wedding consultation. So Angie and I had to tone down some of our excitement and familiarity with each other, since we had become BFF’s since the secret boudoir shoot LOL. And once again, Angie delivered with flying colors on these engagement photos!

Then our wedding day came, and at that point both my husband and I were so comfortable in front of Angie’s camera, the photographs from that day came out so natural and were so special. Angie drew inspiration from the rustic scenery surrounding our venue.

Angie is adorable and was loved by EVERYONE at our wedding. Her artistic ability is unbelievable. Her passion is unmatched. Her professionalism is spot on, she also knows how to have a good time ;)

When we were looking to hire a photographer, our main requests were being good at natural light photos, that our photographer was young and fresh in the industry, and we wanted someone who would express their professional opinion and be truthful in regards to our ideas. Angie listened to us and gave her advise and guidance on everything we needed and she delivered FANTASTIC results!

After our wedding, it was a blast collaborating with Angie and designing our wedding and engagement albums, as well as wall portrait collections for our own home and in my parents’ home. She also came to our houses herself for our fine art canvas consultations, which were sooooo incredibly helpful in choosing the photos we wanted on our walls. Then she even came back with her significant other Jeff, to install and hang them all, making sure they looked absolutely gorgeous and were ready to be enjoyed forever!!

If you are looking for a photographer, check Angie out! You seriously won’t be disappointed. Angie delivered a great experience and photos we will cherish for a lifetime. I am also lucky to say I will cherish Angie as a friend for a lifetime as well!” – Rachel

The team: Photographer: Angie Capri Photography // Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Wedding Coordinator: Melissa from A Touch of Grace // Dress: Design by Lian Carlo from Kinsley James Couture Bridal // Bridesmaids Wrap Dresses: Lilac Dress Boutique Alameda, CA // Florist: Thrans Flowers // Desserts: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes // Custom Hanger: Hanger Design Center // Custom Ring Holder  & Table Numbers: That Family Shop // Flower Girl Basket: Burlap Pew Cones Etsy // Wine Bottles & Place Cards: A Touch of Grace // Bridal Shoes: Ann Klien // Bridal Jewelry: Magic Creations by Kinsley James // Getting Ready Hotel: Grand Residence Marriott, Lake Tahoe, NV // Wedding Venue: The Edgewood Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, NV