Premier Bay Area Boudoir Photographer For Sassy Super Women | Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 4 years in business on May 4th this year. Reflecting on how far we’ve come and how much this fun (bumpy) ride has been! How much our style, quality, creativity, depth and meaning behind our clients’ sessions have evolved and deepened.

Grateful we have the opportunity to collaborate with and photograph strong, brave, adventurous, sassy super women like Bernadette (her photos and story, coming right up), who have no problem and make no apologies for basking in a self-love session for themselves, celebrating and sharing their personal journeys with positivity and inspiring and motivating more women to do the ​​same.

Women like her, make our lives, simply wonderful!

What’s next? We are ever transforming, don’t cha know?!

We are in the midst of such new and exciting offerings that will help us reach, impact and transform more women, around the world!

By the time our 5th anniversary rolls around… Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. #sorrybutnotsorry hehe

“Want to feel empowered, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous? And/or are a fellow divorcée, living life to the fullest and wanting to flaunt it? Angie can help you with all of that. I have known of Angie for many years. I cannot believe it took me so long to book a boudoir session with her. We had so much fun and the time flew by, even though we shot for 4 hours!

If you are at all self-conscious or nervous about posing in lingerie, Angie will put you right at ease. She will be your stylist, coach and biggest fan during the shoot. She will guide you to pose your body and shoot from the best angles, sometimes you’re bending and stretching your body in unnatural positions and it seems like an eternity… But it is so worth it!

She says, ‘no fake smiles allowed,’ and when you hear her giddy laugh from behind the camera, because she’s excited about how your photos are turning out, you can’t help but smile and gain a bit more confidence with every shot.

Angie will also capture your best features. My favorites are closeups of my legs in my Jimmy Choos, photos in her vintage claw-foot bathtub and the others in the gold vintage chair with a jeweled garter on my thigh – they’re pretty hot!

Ladies, don’t forget the shoes! This is a bold shoot. Don’t hesitate to bring items that our out of your comfort zone. Be edgy, daring, no holds barred. Angie will love the opportunity to add something unique to her portfolio to inspire and motivate more ladies and it will also encourage other women to think outside the box when they see your photos!

I have received so many compliments on the photos and I already have a girlfriend booked for a boudoir session with Angie, we’re going lingerie shopping together and she cannot wait! Will you be next? (Well, you should be). Book your boudoir session with Angie. You won’t regret it.” – Bernadette

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Wardrobe Stylist: Angie Capri Photography // Custom Garters: La Gartier // Hair Accessories: Pink Pewter // Red Versatile Bliss Statement Necklace: Stella & Dot // Location: Angie Capri Photography Studio, Concord, CA