Playful Body-Positive Captivating | Bay Area Boudoir Photographer | Stretch Your Comfort Zone

“Ever since I met Angie, I’ve admired her work from afar. I loved the playfulness, joy, and authenticity of her work, it emanates a glowing light that’s captivating. I love photography, but I’d never been so drawn in by any one photographer before, so I just knew I had to work with her at some point.
The opportunity to create a boudoir photoshoot with her arose and I seized the opportunity, with both nervousness and deep excitement and knowing that this was an experience I was meant to have.
Doing a boudoir shoot was always something that both intrigued and scared me, it was definitely not within my comfort zone.
Growing up, like many girls do, I had issues with my body, never feeling like it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Constantly worrying about my tummy being too big, being too tall, or thinking my chest was too small. I never felt pretty enough, and to me, boudoir photoshoots were something that only “pretty girls” did. And yet it was something that I desired nonetheless.
Fast forward 10 years, add in deep self-work around confidence, self-love and self-acceptance, and I’ve come to know that a boudoir shoot is something I am equally deserving of.
Through the photoshoot with Angie, I was given the opportunity to truly embody this new knowing. Angie naturally creates such a warm, inviting, ease-filled, playful and body-positive environment. Despite being in rather revealing clothing, my thoughts didn’t once focus on the size of my thighs or rolls of my stomach. Angie’s bubbly, genuine feedback lovingly reflects back to you your beauty and artistry in every moment. Not to mention her giggly laugh is infectious and creates a natural lightness.
From the moment I walked in the door with my hair and makeup and bag of costumes, I felt like a queen, standing fully in her power. The feeling was so fun and exhilarating that the hours flew by and I was sad to see our time come to an end.
There are a few particular things that make Angie very unique and the perfect photographer to experience a boudoir shoot with:

  • Angie’s mission is about empowering all women and making them feel sexy in their own skin, no matter what their shape or size. Knowing this is what drew me into this experience and then actually experiencing it during the shoot was truly beautiful.
  • Angie innately knows how to boost your confidence and compliment your beauty with pure authenticity, which made me feel utterly fabulous.
  • Being a very amateur professional photography subject, I was put at ease by how well Angie directed my poses and impressed by the amazing results on camera.
  • Most of all, Angie just makes it fun! Any nervousness or worries I had just melted away, I enjoyed every minute of the shoot, this energy comes through in the photos. 

I couldn’t be happier that I said a big ‘yes!’ to doing a boudoir shoot with Angie. The experience allowed me to conquer my own fears, banish my body concerns, replacing them with love and excitement about myself, and step fully into my feminine power. My photos serve as a beautiful memory and reminder that this beauty and power are always accessible within me.
Through this collaboration of working with Angie, I truly believe that a boudoir shoot is something all women deserve to experience – the self-love, self-acceptance, power, and empowerment of it is something we all deserve, just by being who we are.
If you’ve fantasized about doing this, say yes to yourself and jump in with both feet. I know you’ll love it and yourself even more through doing it.” – Haley

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The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Location: Angie Capri Photography Studio, Concord, CA