We Tip Our Hats to Clients Raving Behind Our Backs | East Bay Boudoir Photographer Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Most businesses don’t make it past the 5-year mark. But we did. And we’re killin’ it.

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to us!! Clink.

We continue our focus on boudoir sessions that are classy and tasteful. Created and designed to celebrate diverse life-changing moments, stories, transitions, and transformations in women’s lives.

As well as professional headshots and personal branding photos for business owners, setting them apart, expressing what they do, and helping them connect authentically to their ideal clients. We’re currently expanding into the commercial arena as well.

We continue to seek out offbeat weddings that are adventurous and unique, as well as ever suspenseful marriage proposals.

We continue to offer fun, lighthearted and magical, family, maternity, and high school senior portraits, for those seeking something different and nontraditional.

We love specializing in photographing women! We continue to set ourselves apart by providing our clients (across the board – including the guys too), with photos that are beautiful (handsome), natural and fun! Moments that are not overly posed, awkward or cheesy. (Yes, yes, you’re welcome. We barfed a little bit too just thinking about it, sorry).

We have new and exciting systems in place, streamlining the creative process for us and our clients. Rather than making the trip in person to their home, taking measurements, then needing to revisit and re-measure as the wall art collection evolves, we are now able to electronically design wall art collections directly on our clients’ walls, virtually – wahoo!!

AND hot diggety – all of our new clients get ​​their own private client portal – keeping our documents and information in one place for easy access!

Now, while we are less ecstatic about some things we must do to run a business, (said things are centered around the lengthy, daily, computer related activities, that have probably given us tendentious by now), the parts we love, go on and on!

The freedom we have to make our own schedule, be in charge of our own lives, and be our own boss. #girlboss here, mmm hmm. To explore new places, be exposed to unique experiences and fun adventures. Meeting new people, networking, connecting and partnering up with our favorites.

Being challenged in new ways. Growing, evolving, transforming professionally and personally. Having something new to learn, being creative and staving off boredom (we get board easily). And last but sure as hell not least, having the ability and the honor to impact and change lives. We are grateful we get to capture and tell stories that give our subjects a voice, make them feel seen, and may inspire and encourage others.

The projects and clients we’re booking, are increasingly diverse and exciting with each year that passes. And we love that some of our clients, who have been here with us since our beginnings, have come back two or three times over the last few years.

We literally have people raving about us, our work and the experience we provide – behind our backs (not just in front of our faces).

That volume only gets louder as we get the opportunity to serve more humans. Thanks to you, we tip our hats for your ongoing support :)

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Wardrobe Stylist: Angie Capri Photography // Custom Garters: La Gartier // Location: Angie Capri Photography Studio, Berkeley, CA