San Francisco Lifestyle Photography Inspired by Transformation After Dream Wedding is Called Off

Christine’s story…

“I first met Angie over 2 years ago when she was hired (by my best girlfriend and then boyfriend) to take pictures of my surprise wedding proposal and engagement in San Francisco, and we quickly had her on board as our wedding photographer as well. However, the engagement was called off after a few months because my fiancé and I came to realize we simply were not the right fit after all.

I had been a part of a pair for so long that when we split, I made it my goal to find myself again. I took on a complete Y.O.L.O (“you only live once”) attitude and did anything and everything that I always wanted to do! I realized I didn’t know true happiness until this moment when I was able to be one with and rediscover myself.

This might sound cheesy, but like a Phoenix, I feel like I rose from the ashes as a better and happier version of me! “Christine 2.0” I call this point in my life. To document this incredible time I thought it would be great to do a creative lifestyle photo shoot so that I may always look back at the photos and remember this fabulous time in my life. I found it fitting to call on Angie Capri to do the shoot since we had become good friends and she was there since the beginning. It was like everything was coming full circle.

In addition, Angie emulates the meaning of women’s empowerment and her whole mission is to capture the beauty and radiance that EVERY woman has in an authentic and honest way. I also wanted to associate Angie with a happy, positive event in my mind rather than thinking of the failure of the past, we celebrated the happy ending that was the product of this entire experience.

This custom lifestyle photo shoot was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was a blast and Angie is an absolute dream to work with! It started with a consultation where I blurted out half formulated thoughts and ideas and Angie combined everything and came up with the perfect styling and concept that I wanted and the perfect location, which were the Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

From there, she planned everything! Came up with my color palate and put together my outfits for the shoot, which really took a lot a stress of me. Most importantly for me during the shoot I was so nervous but she gave me perfect direction, made me laugh and put me at complete and utter ease. In no time I was sucked in and loving every minute of being in from of the camera. What resulted were the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. I could not be more pleased!

More about the photoshoot and Christine’s fabulous testimonial:

I think what I loved most about the shoot was the symbolism. I feel like the cold broken cement ruins of the Sutro baths were turned into something fresh and beautiful through photography and use of color. They are very representative of me and this transformation that I’ve been on. Angie also surprised me with a special bouquet of flowers, but it was not a traditional or ordinary bouquet, instead it was wild and free flowing (more symbolism!) It was a beautiful prop and made the pictures that much more spectacular.

Because this photoshoot was so meaningful, we also decided to film a behind the scenes video / short film which even included running scenes of me (that we shot on a 2nd day) just as I usually like to start my day and clear my head. The entire film really captured and expressed, the whole story of me. Angie choose the song and every time we listen to it, it’s such a powerful combination that it makes us teary eyed.

A silly detail about a shoot with Angie is that she’s all about the sun flair and when she gets really excited about the photos she’s snapping, she makes very funny noises that just crack me up (and always serve as good entertainment ;)

I would recommend to any woman that they should do a creative lifestyle shoot for themselves. Every woman should be able to create a world that is representative of them down to their core and have it all to remember the truly fabulous person that they are. Just remember that you are beautiful, be yourself and relax, because Angie has your back and will make everything ok!!”

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Location scouting, wardrobe styling and concept creation: Angie Capri Photography // Hair & make up: The Makeup Movement // Videography: Different Cloud Imagery // Florist: Jaimee Leigh Events // Location: Sutro Baths, San Francisco CA