Fun-Loving San Francisco Bay Area Free Spirited Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

“When I sent out inquiries to multiple photographers, no one even responded right away and the couple that eventually did we’re actually mean! When I heard from Angie Capri she was so sweet and helpful from the beginning and all the way through to the end. She followed up via email and by phone right off the bat and was really easy to get a hold of any time I had a question. We also spoke over the phone for about an hour for our pre-shoot consultation, where she answered even more questions and put me at ease. I love that she helped us find the perfect location that was in nature but also had some unique man-made features – the Sutro Baths in San Francisco was such a beautiful location, combining every single element we were searching for!

A note about the weather – From the beginning, I was really excited about having sun-flare in our images, but unfortunately the universe had other plans on the day of our photoshoot. There was no sun to be found whatsoever lol the sky was completely covered in clouds and it was a bit misty, even a little rainy – it looked like a storm was brewing! Despite all my hesitation and worries, Angie was quick to think of creative ways to make me feel better. She promised that no matter what kind of weather we were presented with, our final images would be beautiful no matter what! She even explained the pros and cons to having sunny weather and the pros and cons for having a cloudy day – which actually does make for great pictures – now I totally get it, and she was right!

A note about professional hair and makeup – from the beginning Angie provided me with her preferred hair and makeup artists and she completely raved about them. We decided that I could just let my hair flow naturally since it would probably end up getting all blown apart in the wind anyway. And in regards to make up, I decided to get my mine done at a local Mac counter. Just as Angie had warned me, I was very unsatisfied with the results since as she explained, you are not guaranteed great results and it is very inconsistent because you never know who you’re going to get. Typically when her clients have gone to Mac they have been disappointed in the past. So now I know that I will definitely use Angie’s preferred hair and makeup artists the next time we have the pleasure to work with her again (because I’m secretly addicted now hehe)!

In the end, my husband and I were so happy with our final images from Angie Capri! She totally under promised and over delivered – big time! The variety, the creativity, the beauty, the uniqueness, the natural flow, the free-spirited nature, and the love between my husband and I all led to the most magical of pictures I’ve ever seen!! Her positive attitude, laughter, and excitement totally turned a gloomy day into a sunny sky kind of day. Our shoot was filled with lots of silly jokes and amazing memories with a new friend :-)

Thank you for everything Angie Capri! Xoxo” – Tammy and Michael

The team: Photography and location scout: Angie Capri Photography // Luxury robe: In Bloom by Jonquil // Venue: The Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA