Free Spirits Rejuvenate at Sagrada’s Yoga, Hiking, Wine and Chocolate Retreat San Luis Obispo, CA

“After working really hard (and nearly nonstop) for 2 years – I found myself in serious need of a getaway where I could relax, rejuvenate, turn off any form of electronics – I needed a serious break from my computer, the internet and social media – of which I had no idea I’d have such a close relationship with when I started my business… Can you say #digitaldetox??

I’m adventurous, outdoorsy and a free spirit at heart. Luckily, a quick search turned up EXACTLY what I was looking for (and didn’t even know it). Lo and behold there was one spot waiting just for me at Sagrada Wellness’ Yoga, Hiking, Wine and Chocolate Retreat in San Luis Obispo, CA – I mean, could a gal like me ask for anything better?? I just don’t think so! But that wasn’t all, we also enjoyed some meditation classes and I tried my first sessions of qi gong and transformative acupuncture too.

In order to get the most out of my retreat once I arrived (since the human mind takes about 3 days to really relax and take a vacation), I decided to begin my trip a few days earlier and explored San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach areas to begin unwinding and sloooowing down…

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to enjoy this retreat and I definitely plan to visit again as soon as possible! I felt so well nourished by all of the delicious, fresh (and mostly vegan) cuisine we enjoyed throughout our entire stay, and adored every last loving detail and all of the wonderful cozy design elements combining rustic woods and metals – one of my personal favorite styles!

My experience was peaceful, positive, intimate and restorative. I was able to rest my mind, reconnect with myself and learn a thing or two about who I am becoming. I also took a step back to appreciate how far my business has come as well as gain clarity on the direction it’s going.

It’s so important to simplify and have those friendly reminders that baby steps are good things and better than BIG leaps sometimes (which is how I tend to travel through life)

Thank you for a wonderful experience Sagrada!” – Recovering Overachiever (a.k.a. Angie Capri)

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“Our mission is to be a model of sustainability, a place where people renew, and remember the art of being. Our 45-acre mountain sanctuary is dedicated to peace and awakened doing. With the love and help of our family and community we strive to be a low impact business, supporting a positive planetary shift. We are 100% solar powered – fueled by the suns brilliant rays, committed to growing our own organic food, and living with feathery creatures that present us with qi filled eggs every morning.

We are stewards of this land and believe in the deeply sacred power of this place. With our sweet legacy, the fertile land and space, we honor the importance of living balanced and positive lives.

We are known for our world class yoga retreats in California in a breathtakingly beautiful and nurturing retreat environment. Our yoga retreats are very intimate in size allowing for plenty of one on one time with our gifted yoga and Pilates instructors, and allowing for a quiet and restful stay. Sagrada’s cuisine is colorful, local, and deliciously vegetarian, and almost 90% vegan. We are not restrictive in philosophy and enjoy a strong cup of coffee in the morning and tastings of our rich and luscious Central California Coast Wines in the evenings. Our all-inclusive yoga retreats are ideal for deepening your connection to yourself and your yoga practice.

The Vacation Rental is a newly constructed home designed by Co-owner and Architect Scott Currie. He has a contemporary, rustic, country aesthetic that offers guests a special place to reflect on peace and awareness in the ranches majestic and natural landscape. We invite you to spend your next retreat vacation with us at Sagrada Wellness. We pay great attention to detail and put tremendous love and enthusiasm into our business. We promise to host a special vacation for you that you are sure to remember.” – Sagrada Wellness