Elegant Fun Family Portrait Photographer | Memories Pull at Your Heartstrings | Mill Valley, CA

“I was initially referred to Angie Capri by our event coordinator for my little sister’s baby shower, we were hosting in our new home in Mill Valley, CA. We scheduled a mini couples’ maternity shoot right before the baby shower in and around our neighborhood, Angie discovered and utilized really creative and unexpected locations and backgrounds. Then she captured my sister and her fiance’s excitement and surprise as the event space and decor was revealed to them, along with the rest of the evenings festivities!

It was really important to us to document this transformative time in their lives. Our mom is a retired wedding photographer, so we have an extra special appreciation for really great photography and down-to-earth photographers! It’s also worth mentioning that most my family members are over 6 feet tall, while Angie is a petite 5 feet – she finds the balance and proudly waltzes around with her handy dandy ladder during all of our time together!

I have really enjoyed working with Angie Capri from the very beginning, she is so detail-oriented, responsive and creative! I love that her photography does not look overly posed but is really authentic to the moment and she always helps everyone get into the most flattering poses and angles!

We were so happy when we received all of the final photos from the baby shower, that we also booked Angie to photograph our family photos in our new home! I am a real estate agent so they were perfect to send to my clients and family to welcome in the new year!

We set two completely different scenes and moods during our family portrait session. The first part was more formal and elegant, outdoors showcasing the outside of the house and the surrounding gardens (as seen here). The second portion was indoors, in our pajamas, in our living room, in front of our Christmas tree, with hot cocoa and story time with our son, for a casual holiday look, (click here).

Angie was able to capture an incredible variety of images and her use of the available light (indoors and out) was amazing! As soon as I saw the photos I had big sloppy tears streaming down my face and onto my clothes, they were so gorgeous, so precious, so fun and they pulled at my heartstrings.

My biggest tip for anyone who is looking for a special moment or occasion to be captured, would be to make sure they hire a photographer who is really fun to work with, who makes collaboration really easy, who is creative on the fly, who makes you feel really comfortable – this is how you guarantee receiving the most authentic photos and Angie Capri is definitely our go-to gal who we trust with our precious family moments and memories!

You are so talented Angie! Thanks a ton! Much love, Sara”