Designing Fine Art Canvas Wall Collections Families Love | East Bay Family Portrait Photographer

As we’ve allowed clients to leave with digital files in hand, we’ve found that while they have intentions of printing them themselves, sometimes it’s really difficult, or even impossible for them to make a decision without our help. (A big contributing factor is that they have too many images they love. Hey, we don’t gotta lie to kick it!)

Instead of being overwhelmed with choosing which images to print, how and where, allow us to guide you in creating fine art treasures to showcase in your home. Images you’ll puruse on by daily. Moments with your loved ones you’ll relieve every time you pass them.

This is why each client has a private design consultation once their photos are revealed, when we go through their photographs one by one, help them select their favorites, and then showcase them in a beautiful way. One of our favorite ways to do so is by creating fine art canvas wall collections. Stayed tuned for an example from this families’ session after the gallery. Ooh la lah…