East Bay Area Rustic Lakefront Wedding Photographer | Oak Hill Park, Danville, CA | Interview + Tips – Part 1

Interview with our bride Nicole:

What are your favorite moments of the day?

I have three – sorry, I’m indecisive:

  1. My first favorite moment of the day was getting to do the first look and having that moment captured on camera with Chris. I was incredibly anxious for months leading up to the wedding whenever I thought about having, ‘all eyes on me,’ but taking the time to visit with him before the ceremony (and actually spending a good 30+ minutes with him beforehand), eliminated so much of the pressure! I actually ended up ENJOYING the ceremony, despite it being 100+ people staring at us. In fact, that leads us to favorite moment number two!
  2. The ceremony. Chris and I wrote our own vows and I was eager to hear what he had put together since he always says that writing is not his strong suit. It was more meaningful than anyone else there probably even realized because it’s not instinctual for him. Plus, I was excited for him to hear mine as well :)
  3. The speeches. I had planned so many little surprises relating to the wedding for the wedding party and our parents (gifts, intros, etc.) that I was excited for any part of the day that I didn’t know what was coming. With the exception of a certain bridesmaid saying penis three times throughout her speech, they all brought tears to my eyes in the best ways. I still get choked up thinking back on the parts I can remember.

Meaningful and silly stories?

  1. Our bridal party spent a good chunk of time at the rehearsal dinner using tinder with my nieces and nephew. Hilarious.
  2. Incorporating our dogs into the ceremony.
  3. Jen’s amazing ceremony back-drop and artful calligraphy everywhere.
  4. The gift Chris gave me on the day of, was a quote engraved on a rose gold bracelet. The quote on the bracelet, I later found out during the ceremony, was actually the final line in his vows. SUPER ROMANTIC. “As long as I have you, I have everything.”

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What traditions did you ditched and why?

We ditched the garter and bouquet toss. Neither of us were crazy about those traditions so we decided to dump them.

Describe your wedding design and inspiration:

Our theme was rustic with a coral, navy and neutral color palette. I love rustic and shabby chic decor and the contrast of these colors together, so it just seemed like an easy choice – probably the easiest decision I made during the wedding planning process!

Thoughts and tips on location choice?

Oak Hill Park in Danville is a very beautiful place to get married – I like the incorporation of having one part indoors and one part outdoors. The big draw for us there was the fact that it was very a la carte when it came to vendors you used which meant we could choose our own! A lot of the other venues we toured didn’t allow this – you had to select from their list. It gave us more freedom to choose our favs :)

Must do tips for couples planning their own weddings?

  1. Make a list of things you’ve seen and been inspired by from other weddings that you’ve loved, take note of what your favorite parts were looking in from an outsider’s point of view. Focus on those parts and making them your own!
  2. Try to rent or borrow vs. buy or you’ll have a lot to sell or store afterwards!
  3. Remember, the day is going to be a whirlwind and springing (paying a little extra), for people who take amazing photos and videos, and focus on details that are important to you, will help you to remember everything years later in a beautiful way.”

Check out the wedding ceremony and reception over in part 2, here!

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Wedding Coordinator: Mariee Weddings // Bridal Robes: SunsetToSunrise on Etsy // Custom Bridal Tanks: LineLiam on Etsy // Wedding Dress: Designed by Maggie Sottero and Altered by Monika’s California Apparel // Brides shoes: Betsey Johnson // Engagement Ring: Brilliant Earth // Wedding Band: Joe Escobar // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box // Custom Hanger: Hanger Design Center // Florist: Twine and Dandy // Calligraphy and signage: JBG Designs // Makeup: Carrie Douros // Videography: Sybex Booths // Cake: Keri North // DJ: DJ Super Sound // Officiant: Justin Hoffman // Caterer: Affaire’s Extraordinaire // Getting Ready Venue: Private Residence // Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue: Oak Hill Park, Danville, CA