Celebrating International Women’s Day with Beautiful, Warm, Engaging, Personal Branding Photography for Fun, Bubbly, Bay Area Real Estate Agents

“Leading up to the photo shoot, I was nervous! I spent days trying to figure out outfits, locations and ways to pose – all for it to be seamlessly executed by Angie Capri. I was concerned about how and where I was going to be posing, will the weather be what I need it to be, and what if I don’t like the photos? All the stress and worry, was all for not.

As soon as we had our initial phone consult, I felt better. I instantly felt like I was in good hands, and had nothing to worry about. We planned for a fun day of branding photos for my business, and the anxiety and stress melted away immediately upon meeting Angie!

She was warm, supportive, and easy to get along with – it felt like we were old friends! It no longer felt like a photoshoot, more like two friends having fun, laughing and sharing stories.

As someone who is usually behind the camera, having photos taken of myself for my business, was completely foreign to me. However, being in the business of Real Estate, I realized that I am my brand, and for my brand to do well, professional photos were needed.

I was really looking for a photographer who could capture me and the brand I am hoping to achieve and promote. As a Realtor, there are 1000’s of us in every city, and it was important that I set myself apart from the rest. I wanted to ensure that my personality and professionalism came through in the photos, and upon receiving them, I was astounded.

The first part of my session was more formal at a private residence in Lafayette, CA. The second part was more casual at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA, where I had the idea of capturing some photos with my dog. In theory, I thought it would be cute and relatable, but being the forever puppy that he is, he couldn’t quite hold it together as well as I thought he would! HA! I appreciated Angie’s patience with trying to get some good ones of us – and trust me, she did! But a less exciting place, would have probably been a better idea for his photo op :)

Angie came highly recommended by a couple of my personal friends, and the first thing they all mentioned was how amazing she was to work with. And they couldn’t have been more correct. The photos that resulted in this wonderful day, were absolutely stunning! I was concerned about looking stiff or uncomfortable, but Angie captured my personality perfectly! I now have amazing photos that I use on my website, social media outlets and marketing brochures.

Working with Angie, in short, was easy! She was fun and never let my insecurities get the best of me. She captured exactly what I wanted her to capture, and I am so incredibly happy with how it all turned out. She provides a sense of pride when photographing you. You never feel ashamed or insecure, she always makes you feel beautiful and she keeps you laughing!

I really enjoyed, to my surprise, the actual photographing. I had SO much fun with Angie, sharing stories of our childhood or mutual friends we have. But most of all, I enjoyed the feeling of comfort. I enjoyed the fact that she was able to make me feel secure in my outfits, my brand and most importantly, myself. Having been a pretty self-conscious person for a long time, Angie made me feel so wonderful!

If you’re considering hiring Angie, my suggestion would be to book RIGHT AWAY and to stop putting it off! If you are looking for amazing photos, without the stress or feeling like you have to put on a “good face,” then Angie is your go-to! She captures parts of your personality that you didn’t even know were “capture-able.” Don’t over think it. Be comfortable in what you’re wearing, let your personality shine through, and Angie will capture it perfectly!” – Laura

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Location 1: Private Residence, Lafayette, CA // Location 2: Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA