East Bay Family Portrait Photographer | How To Guarantee Documentary-Style Print-Worthy Family Photos

You’re beyond excited. You are POSITIVE you captured the perfect shot of the little ones on your cell phone. Especially, since you took a ton. Nice work!

You can’t wait to blow them up. Decorate your walls. Design an album. Share them with the family (who’s eagerly anticipating their big reveal).

You begin culling the images. You’re selecting your fav’s and quickly realize, most of the photos are out of focus.

BUT you’re able to squeeze out a few good shots. Yay, you!

Next, you begin uploading them for print at your local quickie-mart. Only to realize, you’re unable to get the perfect sizes you were hoping for, because they were taken in such a low resolution, these few, are becoming pixilated.

And you have a stomach ache.

Nailed it or failed it? Yeah, it hurts. We know!

Next time, have more certainty and peace of mind. Don’t miss anymore of those print-worthy moments, as your little ones and your family grow.

No need to sweat it. We got you! Sit back, relax as we capture you and your family interact, connect, laugh and cuddle. That’s right, YOU get to be in the photos with YOUR family too.

Enjoy each other. BE in the moment.

There’s a time and place to hire a pro. You get what you pay for, and you are getting having it done right. The first time.

You’ll get the experience and guidance of a trained professional who can make taking family photos fun. Warm, sweet moments captured documentary-style, rather than in a forced or overly posed way.

And of course, high resolution images capable of providing you with the long-lasting artful, family heirloom style prints and wall art you’re craving.

An enjoyable process and photography experience that puts a smile on your face.

You’ll relive it every time you recline on the couch with the kiddos as they grow. Admiring these precious moments together. Hearing the laughter. Feeling the love. For a lifetime.

Your family photos with us, will be what you hope for.

You can put the cell phone down now.

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Dean // Location: Concord, CA