Creative East Bay Area Personal Branding and Professional Headshot Photographer, Oakland CA

“From the first time I worked with Angie Capri, I found her to be a very positive, energetic, funny, and overall very enjoyable person – to not only work with, but to also be around. She is always in the best of spirits, even when an obstacle comes her way, she keeps her cool, and soldiers on.

The first time (of many) I worked with her, was on a fashion shoot that I was filming to make a behind the scenes video for. One of the fears I had, was that I was going to be the only guy at that shoot, worried that it would be awkward, but Angie made everyone feel comfortable, by introducing me to everyone else at the shoot, and reminding me that I was a part of the team! The end result was a very fun shoot, and one of the best times that I have had as a videographer to date!

The second time I worked with her was when she did my professional headshots and personal branding shoot (as seen here!). When it comes to getting my picture taken, I get VERY self conscious, but Angie and her awesome upbeat personality made it easy, creative, and just all around an amazing experience.

I can not say enough good things about Angie, you owe it to yourself to hire her as your photographer. She is simply amazing. (If I could giver her 10 stars on Yelp, I would). So what are you waiting for? Give her a call!” – Christian Hernandez, Different Cloud Imagery