Holistic Educator, Energy Healer, Spiritual Alchemist | Captivating, Compelling, Radiant | Personal Branding Photographer

“Truth be told, I’d had a terrible morning the day of our photoshoot. I had been crying and felt drained. There was a part of me that wanted to back out of the session and crawl into bed. But, I know how hard Angie works to put together her shoots, and because she’s in such high demand, combined with my busy schedule, it would be a while before we could set up a new date. I knew I had to just pull it together.

As soon as I saw Angie, my energy started to shift. She is always full of light and so much fun to be around. I started feeling less like Eyeore and more like Tigger. During the shoot, I was smiling, laughing, and back to my whole self again, thanks to Angie.

In the past, I have not enjoyed having my picture taken and tended to be very critical of myself. Working with Angie is different. Her gift of capturing the essence of the person she is working with, makes it easy to relax and feel comfortable in front of her camera.

I value her eye for angles, lighting, and composition. I value her bubbly personality and patience. I value her comfortable and professional style.

Having up-to-date, beautiful, radiant photography that captures the essence of my businesses and who I am, is critical because it either draws people in, or turns them off. The photo story Angie creates is captivating and compelling.

When you’re planning your own shoot, have fun with it – but that is a given when you are working with Angie. I think the next most important thing would be to love the process with no hesitation.

If you are considering hiring her, do it. You will love the experience and your photos.” – Tamara

Who is Tamara Gerlach?

A woman in love with transformation:  yours, and my own.

I’m a former USA Gymnastics National Team coach, owner of Encore Gymnastics since 1989, a bestselling author, host of the Radiant Living Radio Show, ordained priestess, holistic educator, and the creator of AromaDance.

I am passionate about awakening you to your power and guiding you to higher levels of consciousness through workshops, courses, and one-on-one sessions.

As Servant and Healer, my job is to listen…Listen to your heart’s voice and the Divine Teacher within you…Then, I offer my gifts with beauty, grace, and generosity to help you access your senses, intuition, and Inner Luminary.

As a Spiritual Alchemist*, I offer tools to activate your heart to transmute fear and anger into love, playfully building upon and blending many mind-body-and-spiritual practices, to create unique ways of guiding you on your journey to Spiritual Freedom.

My soul’s work has been expanded on many spiritual journeys, working with healers all over the U.S. and world, including Nepal, Bhutan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru, Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt…the list goes on. Really, I just seem to meet healers wherever I go.

Together, we create deeper levels of consciousness and freedom. Through the work we do, you will come to realize that you ARE Divine Light just doing what you are here to do, make the world a better place.

I appreciate every soul that I have the honor to work with. Seriously, I wake up every morning excited that I get the opportunity to change lives, and I go to bed every night feeling very well-used.

*Spiritual Alchemist~ One who practices the Art of Transmuting lower energies into energies of great value. We are ALL Spiritual Alchemists, it’s just a matter of whether we are conscious of it and practicing or not.”

Tell us more about your tools, offerings and modalities:

Essential Oils (featured in gallery):

Often, I will enhance my work with you using the botanical energy of Essential Oils. Over several decades, I have discovered the power and potency of our Earth’s gifts, and help to educate and empower you to live a life of physical and emotional health. Essential oils help us discover how to have a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. They’ve been used for 1,000’s of years for supporting and purifying the body. Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are not only fabulous for emotional and physical wellbeing, they can be used to cleanse your home, spice up your meals, love life, and create energetic harmony. I live and breathe the oils and am a living testament to their amazing power.

AromaTouch (featured in gallery):

A hands on technique where a series of essential oils are applied to your back, neck, and feet. You will relieve stress, strengthen your immune system, evoke a healthy inflammatory response, balance your autonomic nervous system to create homeostasis, and awaken your Lymphatic system. Sound awesome? It is!

Anointing (featured in gallery):

A sacred and extraordinary experience that brings your energy centers into alignment and opens your heart to your divine light. This is a combination of energy work, oil application, and a full awakening of your senses. It is difficult to describe the shift that happens, so my invitation is to come for the experience when you are ready…you will know when it is time.

AromaDance (featured in gallery):

A beautiful way to free your mind, open your heart, and reconnect to your body. Dance to inspirational music while anointing your energy centers with a series of oils to open you to your inner radiance, joy, and creative flow. It moves energy through your body, releases stress and tension, expresses creative energy flow, inspires joy, peace, and serenity, allows you to lose your monkey mind and come fully into your senses. You’ll feel clear and blissful. You will strengthen your connection to self as you grow and expand.

Radiant Living Radio:

Radiant people are just different, and stunningly beautiful on the inside. My intention is to share inspiring luminaries that will generously offer their talents and tools to support your growth.

Amazon bestselling book, “Cultivating Radiance” (featured in gallery):

Cultivating Radiance is about fully honoring yourself and all that you have to offer. Our Radiance begins on the inside and is reflected on our outside. In order to keep up with our dynamic lives and to sustain a high level of energy, we must take care of our whole selves. Cultivating Radiance provides simple tools to align our personal elements of health before we “hit the wall” or exhaustion becomes our standard. You will be given mindful “Discovery Questions”, Activities, Inspiration for Gratitude, and Mantras to broaden your understanding and empower yourself to make choices that will give your life deeper meaning and to live a joyful, harmonious, Radiant life!

“As my outside ages, my intention is to become stunningly beautiful on the inside.”

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Location: Gerlach Ranch, Martinez, CA