Never Too Old to Celebrate, Appreciate and Pamper Yourself. Especially When You’re a Grandma | Berkeley Boudoir Photographer

“After meeting and getting to know Angie and her work during many of our women’s community workshops, I knew it’d be fun to work with her for a boudoir session (while it was out of my comfort zone, but also exciting to try something new). And it certainly was!

Angie provides a safe, warm and welcoming presence and [previously] a cozy boudoir studio location in the East Bay. We laughed all day and was I tired afterwards from being a model for a day – those poses are more work than you might expect, but completely worth it!!

It was a great day, I took advantage of having a whole day carved out for myself, which is rare. I used my essential oils to help chill my nerves (Angie’s also a big fan). I treated myself to a special lunch at my favorite restaurant. I enjoyed working with Annie of The Makeup Movement for my hair and makeup (one of Angie’s top recommended artists). And after our photoshoot, Angie and I went out to dinner.

I recommend planning ahead of time as Angie suggests. Don’t wait until the last minute. She’ll help sort and choose the best items from what you bring with you to the shoot, and she also has wardrobe on hand to mix and match with.

Then you can sit back, relax, play and have fun! Trust Angie, she will guide you and make you feel beautiful.

I would not hesitate to do it over again. I think it’s a wonderful experience for women at any age to enjoy. I felt honored to be one of Angie’s first grandma boudoir clients too! You’re never too old to celebrate, appreciate and pamper yourself!” – Dawn

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Pink Silk Robe: Love Ophelia // Black Lace Nightwear: In Bloom by Jonquil // Custom Garters: La Gartier  // Location: Angie Capri Photography Studio, Berkeley, CA