Bay Area Senior Portrait and Women’s Empowerment Photographer | Valentine’s Day Self-Love Affair

Celebrating love and Valentine​’​s ​D​ay​ by encouraging women of any age, to have a self-love affair.

Intentionally choosing to feature this young goddess in training, because we want these young ladies, to get a head start.

Transitioning from high school into the real world. Leaving your childhood behind. Beginning to ​explore the world and ​broaden your horizons as an impressionable young adult – few! That’s a lot to take in.

Maybe attending college straight away to study and deepen what you’re passionate about. Or maybe you’re jumping right into your career and getting some down and dirty real life experience​.

It​’s a monumental time in our lives regardless!

As women, it’s an additionally huge time in terms of how we’ve learned and been conditioned so far, to view and care for ourselves and our bodies.

Time will tell how those beliefs and habits will continue to stick with us and evolve (or not)​. Throughout the rest of our lives​.

While you’re out there girls, don’t forget. Self​-​love.​ Is the best love​!​

Let’s empower each other as women early on (guys, you’re invited) to learn to value, care for, and appreciate ourselves as a whole​.​ Mind, body and soul​.

To take that ​concept, feeling, belief and love affair ​with ourselves, weave it throughout our entire lives,​ and feel great about it instead of feeling selfish or guilty.

May she never forget. To love. Her.

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Wardrobe Stylist and Location Scout: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Flower Crown: Enchantment Floral // Sweetheart Short Ruffle Skirt: Ju.Lee Collection // Location: Benicia, CA