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Our adventures and interview with Kerry Lee, the The Alchemical Artist – covering the inspiration behind our personal branding photography session, the symbolism behind some of the key images we created, the transformative work Kerry Lee offers (I’ve already enjoyed 3 of her workshops), and what she loved best about collaborating with yours truly. Grab a cup of tea and a snuggly blanket, this is going to get real good!

Why did you choose to collaborate with Angie Capri for your personal branding session?

A picture truly does speak a thousand words. Especially as my work speaks to a deeper part of us and is colorful! I was looking for a naturally creative photographer who understands creatives, because she/he is one! It was time for professional and unique photographs to represent the unique work I do with Intentional Creativity to go along with my website upgrade and create more branding consistency.

Angie has a great eye and attention to detail, knows the best angles for a curvy woman’s body, “gets” the message I was wanting to convey in photos AND makes the process easier and more fun by the minute. I am super pleased with my photos and the responses I’m already getting have been double thumbs up!

What is Intentional Creativity™?

Intentional Creativity is a method of creating with mindfulness and intention as part of a journey of self-discovery. It begins with an inquiry about a story that lives inside our memory banks. This inquiry creates an awareness of what our wise inner voice, our intuition, our higher self, wants to express by tuning in to our subconscious through our right brain and our heart. Moving the memory through our hands and into image in physical form can create transformation. Transformation can be the release of a block, a healing of a painful memory or helping a vision for the future get clarified and begin to come in to place. I offer this method in various formats such as group workshops, traveling painting parties, corporate team building events and individual coaching. 

What is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting is where we practice a deep listening to the stories hidden within our memory banks and draw inspiration from them with an inquiry. We use our voice of our intuition, imagination or higher self, the wise inner voice we all have, to guide us to find our treasures, symbols, icons, and medicine and bring it in to image and physical form. I have found that because this method is more about the process than painting technique that mistakes can not be made, that I am freer to paint intuitively, not worrying about what looks “right”. Creativity opens up with fear disappears. I have also found that some of the symbols that I have intuitively painted, I later discovered had insightful meaning and messages that often relate to the original intention the painting was based on.

What did Angie provide that you valued the most and what were your favorite parts of the day?

Angie made the process feel effortless and easy. And I loved when she would share a sneak peek from the photos she was capturing every now and then. It helped bring me further into ease in front of her camera. And, all of the laughter! As for my favorites images, there were a lot! But top top favs include the ones on the red sofa, in front of my canvas’ and the props of dry ice and paint on my hands.

Tell us more about these symbols as seen in your personal branding session:

Why do you love lighting candles at your studio? Lighting a candle is a way of acknowledging and honoring our inner guide.

Why did you incorporate dry ice? My Dad was a scientist and used to bring home dry ice for us to play with as kids. It’s perfect symbolism for the mystery of alchemy: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination: ie. transforming old limiting beliefs into new empowering stories.

What’s the story behind your childhood painting (seen in the background of some of the images, to the left of the alter): The painting I did at age 13 that was found in attic of the home I grew up in, 40 years later. The style and method is shockingly similar to the Intentional Creativity Method I now teach. There’s an underpainting with a message or intention, there’s red thread in her hair (like the “red thread ceremony”), and pink highlights in her hair that I myself only got a couple of years ago, plus other designs in her hair and the cosmos, which I often paint. All signs and affirmations of my life path and my future!

What does sage signify? I love ceremony! Burning sage is a wonderful way to create ambiance and change the energy of a room.

What does the red thread symbolize? I incorporate “red thread ceremonies” at the start of my Intentional Creativity events to help students feel more connected, to help them realize they are exactly where they need to be and surrounded by exactly who they should be in that moment. It’s inspired by this Ancient Chinese Proverb, “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”

Tell us about the Inner Wisdom Cards: Creating Inner Wisdom Cards is a simple and powerful workshop I offer. The theme or inquiry can be about anything but I especially love working with my students to create affirmation cards that transform limiting beliefs into empowering new stories.

Why glitter? Who doesn’t love glitter? A little goes a long way to create magic in a painting too. To me glitter symbolizes magic in a moment.

What does your Peace Tree represent? I have a Peace Tree in my backyard and would love to see peace gardens everywhere. I believe everything starts with intention. And when creativity goes right along with intention transformation begins. The flags have a wish, intention or prayer for peace in our world written on one end of the flag and a wish, intention or prayer for peace for yourself on the other end of the flag. Peace starts within ourselves.

Why is your calendar so unique? I love creating themed calendars! This one has simple monthly inquires and experiential activities to become the Dream Weaver of your life using my, “12-step program,” based on my life experiences, in the form of once a month guidance, to help make your own dreams come true. I’m already working on my 2018 calendar “Embrace the Mystery” about navigating and moving forward into the mystery we all have; the future.

What are your thoughts or tips for other women, business owners, and artists who are considering hiring Angie Capri?

Think about the image and message you want to portray, then have a brainstorming session with Angie and when she says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this!,” know she does!

Trust Angie, her eye, her skill and her amazing camera lens. Her eye for deciphering what to focus on and how to position a curvy female body is amazing!

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Location Scout and Wardrobe Stylist: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Location: Kerry Lee’s Art Studio, Benicia, CA