Bay Area Fall Inspired Free Spirited Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer

“I chose Angie Capri to shoot our fall family photos in Concord. I wanted a photographer that could capture what a day out is like with me, my husband and our one year old daughter and I didn’t want a lot of “posed” photos. I looked and looked on yelp and found from her reviews that her clients truly loved not only the end product but loved working with her. So I started stalking her website and thought that everything posted was unique and beautiful. When I saw a quote from her that said she was allergic to fake smiles and cheesy photos, I was sold! I booked her and she was generous enough to do a phone consultation and gave me great tips on how to style my family for the photo session.

I was really nervous on how the shoot was going to go. Like I said, we have a one year old daughter that can’t be tamed or listen to much direction!! When we showed up to our shoot, I instantly relaxed because Angie had a huge smile and seemed just as excited as we were. As she was setting up my husband and I were playing around with our daughter trying to get her to laugh (and distract her from playing in the dirt) little did we know Angie was taking photos and those happen to be some of our favorites! The entire shoot was done that way. It made the shoot fun for us and our daughter thought it was playtime!

At one point Angie wanted a shot of my husband and I walking while our daughter walked in front of us. Well, Olivia doesn’t walk she RUNS! So there was Angie, running backwards in a low squat with her camera in hand snapping the most adorable pictures of Olivia!

My husband and I absolutely LOVE our family portraits! As we were looking through them we would say one was our favorite, then we would click to the next photo and say “oh no that’s definitely our favorite” haha! We had so much fun that afternoon that I had already started recommending Angie to friends and family before we got our photos back! Now that I have actually seen the finished product I know that everyone will love not only working with her but love the magic she captures. Thanks Angie!!” – Christina and Tony