Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Announces Destination Boudoir Retreats + Celebrates International Women’s Day

“International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political, and social achievements.” – Thanks Wikipedia!

From the beginning, Angie Capri Photography has been empowering women through authentic, radiant and classy boudoir photography. Throughout our experience, we continue to find that it takes women a while (even years in some cases!), before they are really ready to invest in and celebrate themselves through a boudoir session.

It is such an intimate experience with themselves and with their photographer – they need time to get to know, like and trust their chosen artist to guarantee they will feel as comfortable, confident and relaxed as possible during their sessions and throughout the entire experience!

To help with this process, we have been making MANY creative upgrades and new opportunities within our business to encourage our clients:

#1 – We recently converted our consultation space into a boudoir studio, which provides a quick and easy solution and is one of the best ways for women to dive in! (Featured images below are from one of our latest sessions!)

#2 – Just two weeks ago, we announced that we are enhancing our boudoir sessions with doTERRA Essential Oils (launch party next week Wed. March 16th!), to help women begin relaxing as soon as they step in the door!

#3 – And now, we are so completely stoked about our latest addition and expansion of our business that will enable us to EMPOWER MORE WOMEN WORLDWIDE!! We invested in a Transformational Destination Retreat Planning Course just yesterday, that will REALLY take the whole shebang to the next level (well, you can multiple that by 100!!).

In addition to boudoir, these retreats will include a variety of activities the ladies will love: experiencing essential oils, creative and artistic activities that are transformational, and restorative yoga. These retreats will be relaxing, rejuvenating, exploratory, adventurous and more!!

These adventures will help us get to know our clients on a much deeper level before we even begin shooting. AND we’ll be traveling and exploring around the world while doing it, combining LITERALLY EVERYTHING we LOVE and that we are so PASSIONATE about, creating experiences that will change our clients on a cellular level and last them for a lifetime!

(If you’d like more info on the retreat program I’m bragging about so much, please reach out, I’d love to share more info with you!)

And in honor of International Women’s Day: One day I will see all woman and all humans worldwide treated fairly, with access to the opportunities and resources necessary to live a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life! #OneDayIWill Where are YOU headed? Happy International Women’s Day!!

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and makeup: The Makeup Movement // Garter: La Gartier