Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Celebrates Ashley Graham on Sports Illustrated Cover

It’s taken Sports Illustrated 52 years to include a full figured curvy (what they label as “plus size”) woman on their magazine cover!! It’s none other than our favorite, voluptuous, bad ass woman, who bursts with confidence and and exudes beauty from the inside out, who also supports being HEALTHY at ANY size, model Ashley Graham!! This is a huge accomplishment, and truly, it’s about damn time!!

Society and the media are changing and we want to celebrate Ashley Graham’s HUGE accomplishment by empowering more women to feel sexy and confident in their skin!! We welcome you to the revolution with a special offer made available to ANY gal of ANY size to partake in. Now, it wont be available for 52 years (since we like to move a little faster than Sports Illustrated). It will only be available for 52 hours!! To find out more, you’ll need to give us a call and ask for the, “Ashley Graham Special” (hurry, offer expires 3/5/16 @ 2:30pm PST)

PS: If you’re reading this Ashley, I would SO LOVE to photograph you – call me!! ;) ;) ;)

PSS: AND You Go Girl!!

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