Bay Area Senior Portrait and Women’s Empowerment Photographer | Valentine’s Day Self-Love Affair

We are celebrating love and Valentine​’​s ​D​ay this week​​ by encouraging women of any and all ages, to have a self-love affair!

We intentionally choose to celebrate by featuring this goddess in training’s, high school senior portraits (her session developed similarly to a personal branding photography session too), so many layers! Let’s dive in…

Fast forward:

When we meet women and have consultations for their photoshoots, we discuss the meaning and significance of the shoot to them…

Much of the time​,​ in the case of a boudoir shoot, women start off by saying it is a gift for their significant other​. In the case of a personal branding session, these photos are in some ways for their clients since it’s common for women’s businesses to be centered around helping and caring for, or transforming others​.

All of which is wonderful but, what’s missing here? Women forget the whole experience of being photographed is a self-love session for themselves too – a whole lot of fun and an experience they will never forget! 

Women are so used to taking care of others before themselves, that often leaves us feeling neglected and believing self-care is selfish rather than a necessity and we automatically project and gift our love and care onto others!

Friendly reminder: we must learn to love and care for ourselves before we are able to love and care for anyone else!

And we totally get it – working on and loving ourselves is always more difficult than helping / loving someone else (been there, done that). But the longer we ignore our own challenges and deny ourselves the TLC we need and so deserve, the less able we are able to show up fully for ourselves and for others – so it’s our responsibility, it’s actually non-negotiable!

The great thing is, the more balanced we are feeling, the more clarity we experience, the more we are actually able to help, care and assist transformation in others!

We believe the most important ​gifts of all​ that come before all else​ are doses of self-love, big or small, gentle TLC for the many transitions we’ll experience in life and in our bodies, that are ever-changing as women, which we can also stop being so hard on ourselves about – you have my permission! :D

Taking just a little bit of time out of our day to relax in a bubble bath, get a massage, create a vision board, balance our chakras, stretch or enjoy some yoga, take a walk or a hike, workout, watch a sunset, eat some good food, read a good book, sip on a cup of tea – are all great ways to have a daily self-love affair!

Let’s take a break from our busy schedules, love and appreciate all of ourselves – our bodies, our minds and our souls, enjoy it all, love it up, appreciate every piece and not feeling guilty. Own all of the things that matter most, who we are, let go of the rest and capture, document and honor the most important moments in your life, for yourself, then share with others :)


One of the most commonly identified and photographed life transitions is graduating from high school and taking your senior portraits​. ​I​t is also most commonly the last time many people have had professional photos taken of themselves – ​and ​if​ by chance​ that includes you and you graduated high school quite some time ago, please make sure you write th​is​ down on your to-do list,​ “update photos​ of myself + insert the name of your loved one(s)”​ and get that taken care of soon, would ya?

Transition from high school into the real world – when you leave your childhood behind and start to ​explore the world and ​broaden your horizons as an adult – whether that means attending college straight away to study and discover what you are passionate about and are most interested in building a career around, or jumping right into your career and getting some down and dirty real life experience​ – it​ is a monumental time in our lives regardless!

As women, it’s an additionally hugely transformat​​ional time in terms of how we’ve learned and been conditioned so far, to view and care for ourselves and our bodies and how those beliefs and habits will continue to stick to us and evolve (or not)​, throughout the rest of our lives​.

The full circle:

W​e are celebrating Valentine’s Day with self​-​love​,​ because it is the best love​!​ ​W​e want to empower women as early as possible to learn to value, care for and appreciate themselves as a whole​ -​ mind, body and soul​ – to take that ​concept / feeling / belief / habit / reality and love affair ​with themselves and weave it throughout their entire lives​ (personal and business), feel great about it instead of feeling selfish or guilty!

Inspiration behind this young woman’s senior portrait session ​​is embracing, owning, all that she is​. May she never forget to love, her.

May she also remind you, to love, you. TLC it up ladies, you deserve the whole wide world!

The team: Photography: Angie Capri Photography // Wardrobe Stylist and Location Scout: Angie Capri Photography // Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Movement // Flower Crown: Enchantment Floral // Sweetheart Short Ruffle Skirt: Ju.Lee Collection // Location: Benicia, CA